Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tadpoles from The Void

Continuing with a new series of posts investigating various artists on the recent For Lee Jackson in Space (2012) compilation.

Far Out
The third track is the LJ Mix of "Jaded Jean", brought to us by yet another band that I'd otherwise never heard of: Tadpoles! (This time the exclamation point is for exclaiming, not a part of the band name proper...)

From what I can tell, the band was from Hoboken and was active throughout most of the '90s. They put out a few albums, ending up on Camera Obscura as well, even releasing a Best Of collection - check out their Bandcamp.

"Snapper" from Superwhip cassette (1992)

Okay, for some reason I was expecting something noisier. Maybe it was some of the album covers, or "tadpoles" reminded me of Toadies, or maybe just the '90s... But this is straight-up Paisley-shoegaze-alt.POP!

!!!!! I feel privileged to bring you a rare 1988 video "Black Angel" from the super-rare cassette Limousines, Sardines, Dinosaurs.

Hahaha! Actually, it's just from the band's YouTube channel. Ha... kids.

"Race You to the Mustard Patch" from Far Out (1996)

Not too un-groovy, yeah? Quite a bit trippy in such a manner. More guitar heft, more effect layers...

"Percolate" from Smoke Ghost (1998)

This one's the album with the original version of "Jaded Jean" as well. Other than maybe the Best Of, I think I'd start here.

"Sunrise Ocean Bender" from Whirlaway (1999)

Yeah, definitely the later stuff. Or like I say, the Best Of... Use With Headphones Late At Night (2001).

Tadpoles main dude Todd Parker has continued with The Witches, check out what he's got going on at their Bandcamp.

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Anonymous said...

Always glad to see Tadpoles getting shout outs…a great, great, great band…one of our finest.