Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blue Record - Baroness (#7, 2009)
Warehouse Live, 12/8/2009

Baroness, #1 in 2007!

You can read my initial impressions, because they're about where I've ended up on this one. It's consistently great, mixing in some quieter stuff, bringing in some cleaner back-up vocals, and generally progging up the brutal, modern metal.

So, here's the official video for "A Horse Called Golgotha," which lends more credence to those Mastodon comparisons than I'd credited. Mystical, epic, narrative, wacky!

Also got to check out Baroness last Tuesday, live in Houston, at Warehouse Live! When rocking the songs, they were really good. But I could have used about 50% more guitar volume throughout. Also, the psychedelic interludes didn't do much for me, "Steel That Sleeps the Eye" ending up just a mess (both instrumentally and vocally). Dark Castle opened and were an interesting act. Female sludge-effects guitar and Black Metal vocals, with male grooveless, free drumming and back-up hollering. Missed Iron Age though...

Since I couldn't find a video from the show, there's one from last year at Rudyard's!

Blue Record
Official/Myspace - myspace.com/yourbaroness
Purchase - Relapse Records
iTunes - Baroness

Genre - New Wave of Southern Boogie Stoner Prog Metal
Location - Savannah, GA
Review - Dusted Magazine

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