Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bandcamp in Deep Space

Sorry to say, but posting's going to be slightly slower over the next couple of weeks. And everything might not always make it to Facebook in a timely manner. But I am trying to set up a plan where I [clear out some malingering drafts] provide fascinating news & mind-blowing insights. Maybe more short-form posts like this...

Deep Space
Now is the time for the Deep Space Bandcamp and stuff.

First there is one Free Song on the Bandcamp:

You know about Deep Space?
Deep Space was created in the wee hours of acid trips and seances within the desert lands of Austin TX.

A few more streaming over on SoundCloud too.

And if you wait long enough, more music will come to you. This draft has apparently been sitting around since before 20 May. "Ocean Tide" is that new, with promises of a "Full EP coming soon..."

Just found some recent live footage, courtesy of the band's own Facebook.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! An earlier FB post also points me to yet another tune on Bandcamp, this time as part of the Austin Psychedelic Light & Sound comp (2012). Apparently there are physical copies at the live events, but I don't see any way to order one.

Hey, that was more than I expected to have!

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