Sunday, July 22, 2012

Check In with The Caretaker

I've been looking for certain tunes to share from the Ad Hoc comp which was a reward for contributing to their Kickstarter project. We'll see...

Theoretically pure
But I did notice one from The Caretaker (#3 Drone/Ambient, 2009) was now streamable on Bandcamp:

I don't want to get too into the stuff I'll eventually cover for the #10 of 2011 write-ups.

"Stardust" from We'll all go riding on a rainbow (2003)

So how about this 1-month-old video for a 9-year-old tune. Wow, I actually don't have that album... wonder why. Only ₤5 at The Caretaker Bandcamp! Good offers on the older records - look: only ₤6 for the 72-track, 6xCD Theoretically pure anterograde amnesia (which was #1 Drone/Ambient, 2005)!!

Looks like there's a few there that I could pick up. I really highly recommend Persistent repetition of phrases (2009) - missing out on the vinyl release for that's a darn shame... for me.

So, I haven't been able to find "All Tangled Up" from Woodsman (#2, 2011) either. Until I did.

Woodsman - Live at Safe // Sound by woodsmanman

It's a live version, but all 4 of those March 2012 tracks are downloadable! There's also a January 2012 live recording of "Oneina" on Woodsman's Soundcloud.

"The Light" from Dagger Paths EP (2010)

Looks like Forest Swords' (#21, 2010) contribution "Erroa" was featured on Arthur Radio Transmission #14 (also back in 2010).

Strangely enough, at one point I had a planned overview of Transmission #13 from one week before. But I could just never make the post work right. I'd suggest downloading both, and possibly others. It was this Altered Zones post that kept haunting me into attempting the #13 article.

Altered Zones, Ad Hoc... Full circle!

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