Monday, July 2, 2012

Abunai! for Space

Things works best when I have a controlling template - or a few. The Top 10 lists, Free Music series, 3 Who Would..., some Facebook collections, and most recently Austin Psych Fest 5.

I'd already promoted this great benefit comp, but now I'm going to dig deeper - starting with band / track #1...

Deep My Flux +2
Abunai! submitted "Time of the Funk-Lords (Flash Forward)" to the For Lee Jackson in Space album.

They were active from 1996-2002, and apparently reunite from time to time to bring the psychedelic space rock. I'd never even heard of them, although they were on Camera Obscura. Maybe because... Massachusetts?

Five releases per their official site, and Bandcamp too. Let's take a spin!!

"77 Gaza Strip" from Universal Mind Decoder (1997)

Hey, I like that kinda thing. According to the album cover, that was the 6th release overall from the Camera Obscura label. A quick comparison shows that 4 of the first 6 Obscura albums' artists are on this complilation: Stone Breath, Azusa Plane, Green Pajamas, and Abunai!

"Learning to Ask" from The Mystic River Sound (1999)

Quite different from the space rock of that first tune, but another thing I also like: pretty, not-quite-sunny, but not-too-heavy psych-pop. O, maybe that's because "[i]nstead of taking on the identity of another band, Abunai! take on the identities of a dozen different bands, each with a different style" (per All Music Guide).

I've never seen that movie used for the video... any good?

"Motorcycle Boots" & "Rolling of the Stones" from Round-Wound (2000)

Yeah, that's the jammin' I've learned to expect of Abunai!, over the course of writing this blog post. This album also has the original studio version of their less-hippyish "(Flash Forward)" compilation edition [live 2010].

I'm not sure that instrumental version is actually the original. Also, AMG says that this album was originally packaged in one of those guitar-strings plastic bags, and the cover art does look like the labels that come with those. Niiice...

"Two Brothers" from Two Brothers (2003)

Video description says "[i]nfluences: Spacemen 3, Hawkwind, UK trad folk & 60s folk-rock, Amon Düül II, Fairport Convention, The Byrds, Can, Funkadelic, Syd Barrett, Galaxie 500, good skunk" - hey, those are some of my influences too! Whenever a band name has an exlamation point in it, I always end up subconsciously wanting to add exclamation points to their song names and album titles as well. How about you?

Abunai! offer lots of free MP3's to download! (Seems to be mirrored at Free Music Archive as well...)

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