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News of Absu's

Big news in free Texan Black Metal music via Pitchfork!

"Hall of the Masters" from Adult Swim free singles series (2012)

As if in anticipation of the next Top 10 of 2011 posts (#6), Adult Swim has put out their newest installation of free single downloads. As you might have gathered, it is "Hall of the Masters" by Absu! Straight up free, m'man...

Absu - of Plano Texas. Absu - of #2 Next Ten Metal, 2009!!

Check at bottom for the current season's full schedule.

Hall of the Masters
And while I was checking around the neighborhood, I noticed that Absu's official website is all up & running. Definitely worth checking out!

"Manannán" from In the Eyes of Ioldánach EP (1998)

But I especially want to point out the Glossary, under Lyrical Magick.

Excellent browsing, such as (under Tara):
Absu (Abzu/Apsû) – Although it can sometimes rain hard in southern Mesopotamia, it was anciently believed that springs, wells, streams, rivers, and lakes drew their water from and were replenished from a freshwater ocean, which laid beneath the "Absu" or "Engur." (The salt sea, on the other hand, surrounded the Earth) The Absu was the particular realm and home of the wise Deus Enki (Ea), his wife Damgamalnuna (Damkina), and his mother Nammu, who was also inhabited by a number of creatures subordinate to him. Enki was thought to have occupied the Absu since before the 'creation' of mankind. Absu was also the name of a primal creature, the enthusiast of Tiamat, and when Ea killed Absu, he set up his home on the dead creature's body, whose name was henceforth transferred to Ea's residence. Marduk, Ea's son, was called "the firstborn son of the Absu." Enki's temple at Eridu (Offal) was known as "E-Absu," or "Absu temple." The Underworld, or sometimes classified as Hell, was located even further down, beneath the Absu. Most importantly, it was necessary to cross the Huber River to reach the Underworld and that stream was the Absu to some people. The Underworld was always known to be complete darkness, dusty, and malicious. All the dead, without exception, wander there, thirsting for water and having only dust to eat. Sometimes they were described as naked or clothed with feathered wings like birds.

Aonbharr – Manannán Mac Lir's magical horse that could travel land and sea.

O yeah, and newly added:
"Hall of the Masters"
This song is stimulated by the supplementary material of 777, which includes The Speculum of Apparitions, Visitations of the Great Old Ones and Rites of Transfigurations.

Adult Swim 2012
2012 Adult Swim Singles Program:
06-18 Unknown Mortal Orchestra
06-25 The Hives
07-02 Wye Oak
07-09 Absu

07-16 The Field
07-23 Flying Lotus
07-30 Gauntlet Hair
08-06 Wavves
08-13 Com Truise
08-20 Yamantaka//Sonic Titan
08-27 Elite Gymnastics
09-03 Artist to Be Announced
09-10 Death Grips (bonus)

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