Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Photon for Space Band

Next up from the For Lee Jackson in Space comp (2012), it's...

The Photon Band, from Psychedelphia, PA!

Check out the band Facebook, or read this Art DiFuria interview. He came from the band The Lilys.

Hey, that track is pretty droney and abstract. Not at all what I was expecting - with the Photon name and album titles like Alone on the Moon and songs like "OuterSpace," I was thinkin' really Space Rock. How did this all begin?

"Easy Pop Art Research Commercial Music" from single (1995)

Early, maybe earliest, single from the band - compare & contrast. (Hint: the older stuff is the garage rock.)

All Young in the Soul by The Photon Band (1998)

So, the first full-length edging out of the garage towards some kind of drone-noise-pop. If you don't have time for the whole album embedding, there's a YouTube for "2:37 AM."

"Genius" from Oh the Sweet, Sweet Changes (2000)

That's kind of a scorcher, after the :30-second ambient intro. They try out some mellow Abbey Roadesque blooze on "Disillusion."

"OuterSpace" from It's A Lonely Planet (2002)

Seems like a turn towards a more folk-pop direction, along with "If It's A Beautiful Day." This band covered a lot of varied territory, huh?

I think the previous album Alone on the Moon (2001) was acoustic.

"Stratosphere" from Get Down Here in the Stratosphere (2007)

Official video by band leader-turned-Art History Ph.D.

Doctoral YouTube!

"Ka-Blammo" (2008) from Back Down to Earth (2008)

Good title for a rock-out. How do some bands like this seem to get more productive later on? Releasing albums like those early 7"s... Found another video-style video for "Where Did the Love Go?"

"Tilt with a Wasp" from 2011 video release (????)

Elephant 6-ish dad.Indie? Here are a few songs live in December 2011, in Kutztown!

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