Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flung Far over Hills of White

Let's see. White Hills (#5, 2010)... and Farflung (#5 of 1995, #29 of 2010)?

White Hills/Farflung split
Wait, how have I gone without more recent White Hills? How have I not yet written about A Wound in Eternity (2008)? That's weird...

"Fade" by Farflung, from White Hills split-EP (2012)

I think I failt to mention this one before, because it sold out so shockingly quick. So yeah, it's a split-EP with one longsong from each band, on a vinyl edition of 1,000 only. Isn't Farflung groovy? [FB]

I can't find the magickal drone-out "To Find the Secret Door" by White Hills [tumblr] anywhere online, but you can get 3 WFMU live-on-radio sets at Free Music Archive instead. So definitely do that!

back cover
Just in case you didn't click some of those links, here are the videos that you missed!!

"Pads of Light" by White Hills, from Frying On This Rock (2012)

More recent White Hills...

"Endless Drifting Wreck" by Farflung

About A Wound in Eternity (2008)... how have I not yet written??

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