Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Good Old-Fashion Barn-Raisin'

A few people of note could use your (financial) help. Perfect transition on the Top 10, as we start with Grails. What, you thought we were done with them already?

According to the front page at Grails' own Pamlico Sound Mailorder, they are holding a "Donation drive to save corrupted hard drive containing up to 5 records of material!" They'll take whatever you can spare, but...

Grails live Astral
You can get a SIGNED LP (for $30 donation), or some unreleased early-ish LIVE TRACKS (for $15). These are: "Burden of Hope" (Paris 2006), "Back To The Monastery" (Boston 2006 - below), "Word Made Flesh" (Amsterdam 2006), "The March" (Paris 2004), and finally "Dargai" (Geneva 2006). Bas Ass, right?! I might donate twice for that.

Donate here. I even made you an exclusive crappy MS Paint "album" cover! [above]

Also, I found a few items on Woodsman's Facebook. Smooth transition on the Top 10 sliding scale, huh?

"Insects" [live 11/09/2010], from Rare Forms (2011)

To help fund their upcoming U.S. tour, they'd like to sell you some stuff! On the vinyl tip, a special collection of recent stuff - specifically, copies of the #2 of 2011 LP & EP, plus a 7" single of "Insects." All for $20!!, but only 20 total packages available...

They've also put up 2 early self-releases for sale on their Bandcamp site. That would be the Indoor Days cassette and the Humdrum CDr (both 2008). Stream and buy directly from those links - thanks!

And I just now found an older free Woodsman digital single from 2010, on BEKO-DSL: "Manual Control / Chants." Had never even heard about that one. You can also check out their Daytrotter Session, for Free D/L... (well, with free 7-day trial.)

Ad Hoc

Finally, there's a Kickstarter for Ad Hoc zine (ends March 5th), a new project by people from the dearly departed Altered Zones. You may remember AZ from such features as "half the MP3's on Astral compilations" or something like that.

"Miarches" by Forest Swords, from Dagger Paths (2011)

For $15, you can get a download comp of unreleased tracks by... Woodsman (#2, 2011)! The Caretaker (#10, 2011)! Forest Swords (#21, 2010)! Rene Hell and Dan Lopatin/Games (from Oneohtrix), also Ducktails, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Rhys Chatham (from #20, 2011), people from Austin Psych Fest (Amen Dunes, Pure X, Sleep ∞ Over, Sun Araw, Beach Fossils & Young Prisms), dronesters & noiseniks (Brad Rose, FORMA, Hubble, Matthewdavid, Stellar Om Source, Pete Swanson), new styles (Balam Acab, James Ferraro, Laurel Halo, Julia Holter, Julian Lynch), and several more!

Majical Cloudz & Grimes: "Song for Ric" by adhocfm

For $40, you can receive it physical style - as a "tripped-out cassette BOX SET"!!

Read more and/or Donate here!

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