Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Story So Far: Jonas Reinhardt #9

I've had kind of a bumpy road with San Francisco electro-Kraut combo Jonas Reinhardt, including a whole album getting skipped. Given time & space considerations, it's a good thing they've only been around since 2008 or so!

Long ago, I told the original story of discovery and their self-titled debut album. Made a couple of videos too!

"Modern By Nature's Reward" from Jonas Reinhardt (2008)

I can't remember now if Maserati included that one (download from band), or "How to Adjust People" (my video / free download), on their pre-set mixtape. Actually a really nice album of Euphonious Kraut Metronomy, still available on Kranky Records.

This seems to be relatively obscure. Other than those 2 songs (one from me), I could only find album-opener "Lyre of David" on the YouTubes. If you get past the Featured Music set on the band's MySpace, they do have several - plus a couple of 2009 live tracks and most of the related EP. Great tracks and titles such as "Fast Blot Declining," "Worm Preach the Struggling Fire," "Crept Idea for Mom," and others!

"Downright Cabal" from Modern By Nature's Reward EP (2008)

In fact, if interested, save that all-MySpace-songs link... quite the Jonas resource! The EP/maxi-single is more of the similar goodness - with the title track, "Cabal" there, "Witchcraft-prone," and "Port Lligat (Redux)."

Then everything fell apart...

Powers of Audition
In 2010, The Powers of Audition was my #2 album that I'd missed that year... and I'm still going strong (unfortunately). I know I was still following a bit, because I got their free Self-Titled Mag Needle Exchange 010 online mix (also available here).

Jonas Reinhardt - ATOMIC BOMB LIVING official video from Heidi Petty on Vimeo.

"Atomic Bomb Living" from Powers of Audition (2010)

I've never even downloaded (from here) the free "single" off this album! What is wrong with me? This one is likewise still available from Kranky. Not having the record, I'm going to have to make some educated guesses... check out "Mumma Deed Family Clone" (album opener), "Near a Mirrored Pit Viper" (#3 overall track on MySpace), and "Orbiter Dicta" (also available).

Then 2011 brought another free online mix from Italy's Dissonanze blog (also available here), and of course the #9 releases for the year. Reinhardt has been busy through this current year, including a cassette collaboration I've covered (with free track here), and a 12" single "Foam Fangs." Hey why not?!

JONAS REINHARDT - AUTO GRIFT teaser from 100% Silk on Vimeo.

Teaser vid probably ***Not-Safe-For-Work***

You can stream & download the A-side/title track over at Dublab. Stream a B-side (but no D/L) at the quite-nice JR SoundCloud, and another one here. A little too dance-y for me, I think... I like the last one "Hot Black Mastic" most - and especially the track image from the Astrodome scoreboard. So that's full previews for 3 out of 4 on that.

Anyway, check out the SoundCloud for more downloads, including several Prins Thomas collaborations & "Radtime Benediction" (of unknown origin).

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