Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Whassup, Rockers?

I'm just posting a few things from 2012 that I've picked up from the Year-End community and other people's lists.

This time, it's for rock.

"No Future / No Past" by Cloud Nothings, from Attack on Memory (2012)

I kept hearing about some of these bands over the past year - or before - but y'know... This album title was supposed to mean something given the retro-alt stylings going into it. So, are we already through with '80s nostalgia and into the '90s?

"Stay Useless?" Okay.

"The Nights of Wine and Roses" by Japandroids, from Celebration Rock (2012)

I guess people are starved for anything rock-ish? Or maybe I'm too old - or old enough to have live through the first go 'round? I can absolutely accept that. Here's another seemingly popular song from Japandroids.

Not that it's the ultimate in critical faculties, but that was SPIN's #3 album of 2012. Okay, moving on...

"Open Your Heart" [live] by The Men, from Open Your Heart (2012)

Those first two were the obvious (to me) rock darlings of the year, but the final act wasn't as easy to pick. So I just went with the less-obvious option that sounded the best to me on first listen. I guess that goes to the blown-up rock-outs from The Men. Here's the studio version of that title track, and a rollicking unofficial video.

This slot could have just as easily been filled by: Divine Fits (too much ringer?), Ty Segall Band (not acclaimed enough?), or even Death Grips (maybe not really rock?). Whatever...

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