Friday, December 21, 2012

Gnod Out for Free II

The old previous free stuff from GNOD (#3, 2011) was taken down awhile back. But now there's new options for old-school rarities from these psyched-electro-drone-rock-party-noise-all-stars!

Per their INGNODWETRUST Tumblr: "Three of our early albums are now available to download for free from Bandcamp - Enjoy!"

And that includes the Science & Industry cassette (2010), not among the previous offerings:

The other two for Name-Your-Price are The Somnambulist's Tale (2008, 1-track cassette) and the Sex, Drones & Broken Bones (or Secret Pathways to Hidden Lands) CDr (2009). Go now!

I must admit, I was kind of fretting about not being able to find the most recent Collisions 03 split between Gnod and $hit & $hine. What would I do? Somehow my searches actually lead me over to iTunes... who have it up! (???) I was so excited, I just bought it straight up without checking on Amazon - which I normally prefer (for true MP3). Anyway, if you were stressed about this like me, check those links.

Those stories might contradict what I'm about to say... but I've been thinking about taking it easy in the new year, new music-wise. I feel like I might need to regroup, explore back a bit more, rather than trying to keep up, take some time to digest what I've been gathering around me. Sometimes there's just too much of everything...

Then I read something like this at the Rocket Recordings blog:
But all we can say is that 2013, our 15th Anniversary year is going to be even bigger and better, with some amazing releases coming up by:

- Anthroprophh
- Gnod
- Teeth of the Sea
- Hills
- Goat
- A special 15th Anniversary release
- The Heads DVD (unlikely , but you never know)

... and I realize that nothing's gonna change a bit.

What could reinforce this more? Something like finding a YouTube promo for yet another Gnod release on Trensmat...

GNOD - Presents... Dwellings & Druss (excerpt, 2013)

O, lord... it's an LP. Yeah, something like that!

GNOD - Presents... Dwellings & Druss (LP sampler) by trensmat

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