Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Øyvind, Øyvind, All the way Holm

Resuming the series of single-track artist profiles from the awesome For Lee Jackson in Space benefit comp (2012)...

We're up to #8, some Beatlesque folk-pop from Øyvind Holm!

Once again the name throws me off, making me think of others from the Scandinavian periphery: Øystein Aarseth (Euronymous of Mayhem), maybe Ólafur Arnalds, and even a little bit of Eyvind Kang (#8, 2007).

Holm is indeed Norwegian, working out of Trondheimfjord, pretty consistently since the late '90s, usually with some kind of steady band. From what I have gathered, the earliest of these groups was Dipsomaniacs (1997-2003). I certainly don't associate Norway with heavy drinking... Hahaha! Yes I do.

Couldn't find anything from their first two records - Bumble-bee Eyes (1997) and Reverb No Hollowness (1998). But here are some live stuff from a 2009 reunion show.

"Nothing Is For Keeps" from Braid of Knees (1999)

Kind of a classic pyschededelic drone-pop thing there - the sort of stuff I'm generally predisposed towards... if not exactly my bread & butter. Pretty similar on "Bring Flowers to the Courthouse" from Stethoscopic Notion (2001). Then along came The Tremolo of Her Mind... The Strings of Her Soul (2002).

I'm liking these album titles!

"Read My Mind (And Tell Me)" from Praying Winter (2003)

Time enough for another quick one - and then I'm moving on to Deleted Waveform Gatherings (2004-2011).

"Emily Barratt's Dead" from Complicated View (2006)

The ship? Probably doesn't matter... What's the over/under for my using some combination of: jangle, drone, psych, pop, '60s? I'll shoot for the under, but it's difficult - what with "Tiger Rider" from Baby Warfare (2008).

"Hate Waiting in Line" from Ghost, She Said (2009)

Ever so slightly a bit more rockin', as is "Shaman’s Tambourine." An earlier solo version of "This House" appeared on Trip Inside This House's Summer Solstice 2008 free-mix.

Deleted Waveform Gatherings have released as recently as 2011's Pretty Escape, with the more elegaic "Another One of Those." Albums available (along with free .MP3's) from Rainbow Quartz Records.

Then you have Øyvind Holm solo, which seems to be only two records. Last Judgement (2001) appears lost to the mists of time.

"Salt-Mutated Summer Breeze" from The Vanishing Act (2005)

And then another one a few years later. He's still diggin' that Vox Phaser too... The only other tune I found was "Sunday Church Bells Chime."

And much more recently, Holm's been involved in a few duos. Ryanbanden (with Øyvind Ryan & others), Sugarfoot (with Hogne Galåen), and something with Ulf Risnes (from the band Three Small Chinese People).

Okay, that's all I've got for now. To be continued...

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