Friday, December 14, 2012

Demdike Down in the Boiler Room

Although it's only been a couple of days, I'm not sure at this point how I discovered this. But I definitely missed it originally, back in August.

Demdike Stare (#8, 2010) - live in 2012, at The Boiler Room (NYC)! So that should be something like spinning, electronics, a bunch of samples... a creepy horror-movie vibe with some Easternisms? That sort of thing?

Demdike Stare live in the Boiler Room

Surely you're gonna want to download that (down-arrow), but why not check this out... Video!

Demdike Stare, live at the Boiler Room, 08/14/2012

So you can watch them, stream it, and own it yourself - all three.
Let's see... Here's the BR page for the show. Otherwise, pretty self-explanatory.

Okay - to not just leave it at that, I searched YouTube for anything else more recently.

"Demdike Stare Meets Shangaan Electro/Version" from Demdike Stare + Hype Williams Meet Shangaan Electro 12" (2012)

That's from a remixes split-12" EP of South African dance style Shangaan. Read about the originals here or from the label. I got that when it came out, but it's pretty different & I can't remember listening to it much. Actually had forgotten all about it.

My other option was this custom video for "Hashshashin Chant," but I've put that song up a few times. Surreal animation from Cyriak.

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