Thursday, December 20, 2012


Obviously more tracks from the recent Emeralds (#2, 2010) record have made their way out...

"Search for Me in the Wasteland" from Just to Feel Anything

That's pretty swell - and quite different than the first couple we'd heard. Thinking more about getting... but first!

Emeralds - live at Unsound 2010, Krakow by FACT magazine

Check it out: live in Poland, 2010! ... from FACT Mag ... via Dummy Mag. I just found out that Emeralds will be playing live at the 35 Denton Festival in March. Maybe they can make it down here?

Dummy Mag also had a Steve Hauschildt (Emeralds synth) Hurricane Sandy mix streaming, so check that out too.

Plus a 2-part feature on "Vaporwave" and "Distroid." (???)

"Vaporwave" mix by DummyMag

Not sure if they ever covered bunnygl!tch before... Quick! Micro-genre before they come back!!

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