Monday, June 18, 2012

Tumblr Full o' Gnod

Everyone already knows how much I dig Gnod (#3, 2011), and I'm pretty sure that I've promoted their Tumblr before. Here's some recent stuff from there...

5th Sun
Emergency news: Pre-order Trensmat 7" and get immediate digital download. "5th Sun" b/w a dub version. This label prints super-limited runs and they sell out super-quickly. I've missed so many of these singles that I wanted... Act fast!!

I also just noticed that they've now got several old CDr releases up for sale on the right-hand edge over at Tumblr (STORE) - including many discussed in the History of GNOD post. Three Sticks a Penny (2009)?! Science & Industry (2010)?!

"Tron" live at Roadburn - Patronaat, Tilburg, Netherlands, 4/13/2012

Okay, back to our regularly-scheduled blogpost.

A great tune from Chaudelande Volume 1 (2011). I'm really hoping we get a GNODLIVE at Roadburn 2012 release at some point. I've been a big fan of the Roadburn live albums ever since the Earthless one (#3, 2008).

"Dropout" live at Kulturschiff Ms Stubnitz, Bremen, Germany, 4/16/2012

The title track from our #5 album of 2010! Not too many specifics, but here's the source club website.

Gnod-Manchester Night & Day Café Bar 12.06.12 by :::Dwellings:::

You can either stream or download this 2-song recording Live from Night & Day Café Bar (Manchester, England) on 6/12/2012. Tunes are called "1981" and "1982." Kinda low volume, but downloadable for real!

Gettin in by GNOD

Something fairly new, directly from the Gnod SoundCloud: "Gettin' In" (2 weeks ago). Haven't heard much minimalist drone from them in awhile now. 'Sounds for long distance runners and cyclists..?'

But everything else can definitely wait until you've pre-ordered the Trensmat 7", downloaded the .mp3's, and started listening immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Hum, "1981" and "1982." sounds like swans and This Heat. Are you sure it's not a cover...i guess it's one from This Heat