Saturday, November 10, 2012

A.E. Majeure

Tony Paterra is another ½ Zombi (some recent news on the other dude here), and works solo as Majeure (co-#5, 2011 and co-#2, 2009). Modern analogue synth exporations a specialty - despite being the drummer!

He's got a new album out on Temporary Residence Ltd. (hopefully my LP is on its way!), but also continues to release the small-scale stuff too.

Then there's VCO Recordings, not coincidentally, the audio-cassette micro-label being run by part of or more than Zombi.

They're running out of Trancer cassettes (with immediate digital download)!

Only 5 copies of the 50 non-tour cassettes left for sale here. Grab yers quickly! (Another 100 copies were taken out opening for Maserati, whom Paterra drummed with last tour...)

The one preview track on the VCO Bandcamp is the opening tune on live recording of his opening set for this 2012 Maserati show (in Athens, GA).

I can't find any video of this current tour, so here's a German one from last year...

Yeah! That's the way to intro your synth-show. Here's part 2 and part 3 from that one.

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