Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fire Talk Talk

Austin Psych Fest 4 veterans Woodsman (#2, 2011) kinda run Fire Talk Records (Bandcamp, Tumblr). They also had a track on the new blog MP3-comp this past weekend - see previous post!

Might as well start with the Woodsman then...

They have a somewhat-new cassingle out, with the A-side being the kickstarter contribution, "All Tangled Up," and a new-to-me B-side. A-side downloadable from Stereogum. You can stream a lot of these over at the FTK SoundCloud too.

Then there's tour- and split-mates Tjutjuna, with something coming soon and a recent cassingle from them too. It should be jammy, rhythmic, with electro-freakouts. Not sure if I'd ever seen the official video for "Mosquito Hawk" before, but that was one of their first tunes I ever heard. I think all these cassettes are limited to 100 or so.

I'm just throwing out a couple more, there's plenty to peruse (and purchase) at the label's Tumblr, etc...

Another cassette, this time an EP of short 'n' noisies. Another official video - with Jovontaes getting kinda surfy.

"Private Booths for Sallow Suits" by Human Resources, from Oxyc Woody II (2012)

Could have also been Low Praises' Clear Light (2012), but I like official art videos!

Also, free download of Samurai Buck's hip-hoppish Director's Cut.

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