Saturday, November 17, 2012

Natural Drone Building Snow

Took me awhile to get this one out, after getting a heads-up from Ba Da Bing Records. I always feel like I need to be extra diligent when someone contacts me - as if I have some major ethical obligations on my silly blog. But here's some cool drone stuff...

That's from a different release, but I liked the art better.

Kadja Bosou (Abridged Version) by Ba Da Bing Records

Or you could delve into the full 18-minute piece... Natural Snow Buildings are a French duo who drone out at length & in a variety of ways. From what I can tell from the sample, this newest one Night Coercion into the Company of Witches (2012) brings in some Near East tranceations - whirling tones in ecstasy. Read a positive Tiny Mix Tapes review - you can buy the 3xLP ($17) or a 4xLP ($40) at the label store. The CD's also at Sound Exchange here in Houston, but I'll probably own that copy by weekend's... end.

"Beyond the Veil" from Beyond the Veil (2012)

That's another one out this year too.

"Our Man from Centauri" from The Centauri Agent (2010)

Hey, look! A free digital double-album...

That net-label has a bunch of free music, including 3 sampler EP downloadables: click here to explore. You can also follow them over on Tumblr.

So not only that, but new Nadja (co-#4 Drone of 2009, #16 Metalloid of 2009, and #20 of 2010), with added The Jesus Lizard drummer.

Nadja - Dagdrøm by BrokenSpineProds

You can stream (or purchase) the whole album on their Bandcamp.

And look what else I found over there! A 2xCD collection of vinyl-only rarities?! Whoa... Also available from Important Records.

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