Thursday, November 1, 2012

Years Past Matter Now

Krallice (#13 Next 10 Metal, 2009 and #21, 2011) continues to be an urban-decay, technical Black Metal super-group - to me at least.

Years Past Matter
They released their latest one a little while ago, called Years Past Matter (2012). It's self-released, so all your money goes to the band. Well, not all of your money - but all of the purchase price.

$7.00 digital from Krallice Bandcamp

$12.00 CD there or from Big Cartel.

From Pitchfork, you got yer 8.2 review and yer free preview track. From unARTigNYC, you got yer live vid of "IIIIIIII".

Krallice III
Digipack images from the Big Cartel.

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