Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Happy Devil's Night!!

To get you in the mood for tomorrow, here's a bunch of tunes with the word "Halloween" in the title. It's pretty basic...

"Halloween" by Sonic Youth, from Bad Moon Rising (1985)

That's the first track on the upcoming '85 live album from Sonic Youth (#1, 1987 and #2, 1988). Spooky!

"Halloween on the Barbary Coast" by The Flaming Lips, live in Norman, OK - 10/31/1993

Live on Halloween in their OU backyard, with an all-new smokin' line-up. Studio version, if you prefer.

"Halloween Theme - Main Title" by John Carpenter, from Halloween: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1978)

Uh, yeah... of course.

Live version from Goblin keyboardist Claudio Simonetti's more recent band Daemonia.

"Halloween" by The Misfits, from 7" single (1981)

The '80s, punk rock, horror, Halloween? I can dig it!

"(Every Day Is) Halloween" by Ministry, from 12" single (1984)

O, why not? So silly...

Demon Angel: A Day and Night with Roky Erickson

Bonus video! (Halloween Night 1984)

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