Monday, October 22, 2012

Indian Cult Moon Jewelry Psych

Here's some Austin Psych Fest alumni & related updates...

From what I've read on e-mail notices and the APF website, the band announcements for next year will begin in November, and tickets will go on sale "in early December 2012."

"I Can See" - live at Rudyard's, Houston, TX - 10/12/2012

Awhile back, we went and caught Moon Duo here at the friendly neighborhood pub. Unfortunately, we happened to miss local openers Hamamatsu Tom. So far, I'm digging the newest Moon Duo album Circles (2012). There's an official video for "Sleepwalker".

"Secret sound 5" from Secret Sounds (2012)

I mentioned the latest Cult of Dom Keller release right here. So they've made that new video for track #5. Aha, I just noticed that they'd recently put up one for for "secret sound no.6." So peep that one next!

"Eva Cherie" from PEEL IT (2012)

Houston's own Psych Fest regulars Indian Jewelry have a new one coming out on Reverberation Appreciation Society, the in-house label from the Austin Psych Fest people. Here's where I heard the news.

O yeah, and they're even offering that preview track as a free download!

Finally, the RAS/APF label is collaborating on a forthcoming European 2xLP comp, limited edition of 1,000 for the world.

The Reverb Conspiracy by reverberationappreciation

You can start pre-ordering The Reverb Conspiracy, Vol. 1 on 10/30 over at The Reverberation Appreciation Society (US) or else from The Fuzz Club (UK).

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