Sunday, October 21, 2012

Breaking Ghost Box News

Some quick hit-and-run action on the hauntological newsbeat!


Announced: Another two new Study Series 7"s!! (01-04: #9 of 2010, and 05-07: #19 of 2011). There's also been #08 since then. From The Belbury Parish Mag item: "One will be a collaboration between Belbury Poly and Brighton's remarkable cabaret-folk-automata-electronics performers, Spacedog. The other is from Listening Center, the work of New York based composer, David Mason. This single will also feature a Listening Centre remix by Pye Corner Audio."

Speaking of Pye Corner Audio, they've just recently released a full-length album on Ghost Box, Sleep Games (2012). Pye had these two songs on Autumnal Activities: Ghost Box Study Series 07 (2011)... "Cloud Control" and "November Sequence."

No full previews, but here's a series of clips from the Ghost Box SoundCloud:

Pye Corner Audio - Sleep Games by Ghost Box

And what would a Ghost Box post be without these guys??

"Unforgotten Path" from As the Crow Flies (2011)

I think the most recent Advisory Circle album hit me quicker than than latest Belbury Poly. They were released somewhat close together, and each is the project of a Ghost Box co-founder - so comparisons are... Actually, I think I just bought them together, which isn't the same thing at all.

"Goat Foot" from Belbury Tales (2012)

But I continue to find precious gems whenever I go back to Belbury. That's the jam!

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