Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Trance Syndicate Reunion Fest

Whoa, I can't believe this wasn't my first post back in the music!

I mean a 3-way reunion of Trance Syndicate alumni? That's really big news. Two of these bands were very central to my regional tastes in the late-'80s & early-'90s (the salad days), and the third was peripheral but definitely there. Let's start at the top...

O yeah, also:
Emo's, Austin, 11/24, tickets @ $15!!

"Pleasures of the Flesh" from Born in Blood (1990)

In case you didn't click that historical Trance Syndicate link, that was King Coffey's independent record label. And King Coffey was drummer for Butthole Surfers (#1 of 1988, #2 of 1987, #8 of 1993, #3 Live of 2010, #11 Live of 2011) - and his label was really good. Pain Teens ruled the roost in certain Houston circles during that heyday, taking it to the next level.

Discogs: The Pain Teens were formed in Houston, Texas by Bliss Blood and Scott Ayers in 1985 although it took them two years to get around to gigging and putting out an album. Originally a punk band with metal leanings aligned with Houston's punk scene, they soon mutated into something else altogether -- a chaotic and sinister hybrid of punk, noise, tape loops, found sound, samples, exotic instrumentation, and pure unbridled creepiness.

Pain Teens are also gonna be playing the night before, as part of The Axiom 25th Anniversary parties:
Fitzgerald's, Houston, 11/23, tickets @ $10!!

"Buddha" from Love Poke Here (1990)

I've already waxed poetic about the greatness of Ed Hall (more than just #2, 1993 and #10, 1988)... and they were truly really great.

Wiki: The band emerged from the music scene based in and around the Dong Huong, a Vietnamese restaurant-turned-punk club whose proprietor Phong encouraged and hosted loud, obnoxious bands too raw and/or unknown for established clubs. The Dong scene was documented on a cassette compilation called The Polyp Explodes (see Crust), which ultimately brought Ed Hall to the attention of Boner Records owner Tom Flynn and to the unwanted attention of Jim Adler (The Texas Hammer) when a class action lawsuit was filed for loss of hearing and mental anguish of many of the band's fans.

I went and saw the previous Ed Hall reunion in 2003. It was spectacular! The final line-up went on to later form the mighty Pong (#3 of 2010, #1 of 2005, #1 Live of 2010).

"They'll Love You for It" from Crust (1991)

As mentioned above, Crust was instrumental in documenting the emergence of a new generation (post-BHS) of Austin weirdos. I'd say they leaned more abstract on the rock-weird spectrum, but who's to say anymore?

Regardless, you must admit that "Chlamydia Is Not a Flower" is a great song name!

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