Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Six Organs Ascend

Okay, what else do we have here? How about...

Six Organs of Admittance (#10, 2009), back together with Comets on Fire. Which means a bit more rockin' out! But still plenty of psych-folk-drone guitar stylings as well.

[Edit 10/16: Oops, forgot to link to this recent SOA live bootleg on NYCtaper. Get it!]

"Waswasa" from Ascent (2012) [download]

Whoa. That's some riffs - like definitely more than usual. If I had to explain it in terms of the cover art, I would say the opening track is kicking up the dust behind bio-suitcase spaceman. Or is that the Earth after this tune has scorched it down?

Of course, the mellow space-outs come too. The restraint shown not to paint Saturn up in there...

"One Thousand Birds" from Ascent (2012)

That one's a self-cover of previous acoustic version from Dark Noontide (2002). I don't go back that far, though.

"Close to the Sky" from Ascent (2012)

Seriously groovey, sez I.

Wait, maybe the cover art is supposed to be from Io, "the innermost of the four Galilean moons of the planet Jupiter."

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