Thursday, October 18, 2012

Number Seven... Number Seven...

Well, the new Maserati record finally got here. Haven't had much of a chance to spin it, but that will change on the open road this weekend. The natural habitat of Maserati's high-speed, gear-shiftin'... okay, okay.

I'm not going to post the original preview track "The Eliminator" because: (1) I already did, and (2) you can stream it over at this new Maserati internet mixtape. Deep cuts!

"Abracadabracab" from Maserati VII (2012)

Despite being almost 11 minutes long, that one seems be getting a lotta love over the internets. Maybe it's the Genesis reference? (Another long tune that got a lotta love...)

Maserati have an all new website design. And new tour info - under "Tour." But not coming to Texas at all?

"Earth-Like" from Maserati VII (2012)

A topical song for the times - or as topical as an instrumental track can be. This was the 2nd preview track for this album, pretty hefty for them.

So far, the whole album sounds pretty good. There is one early tune that does kinda sound like disjointed mix-and-match with random Maserati sonic components. (Basically what I'd imagine Maserati sounds like to someone who doesn't dig it.) I think it might have been this one.

The geometric shapes on the cover are glossy and embossy on both the CD and the sweet double-dipped vinyl (clear with color blob). New full-time drummer fits well. You can order it here.

I'll try to post something other than recent or upcoming new releases over the weekend. Wish me luck!!

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