Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brand New Emeralds

Looks like Emeralds (#2, 2010) have a new one upcoming as well... Straight outta Cleveland!

It will be called Just to Feel Anything, out November 5th on Editions Mego.

"Just to Feel Anything" from Just to Feel Anything (2012)

So there's the title track - sounds pretty good. I'm thinking that something must've leaked out, because I'm not seeing any talk of preview tracks. But no-one leaked anything to me.

"Adrenochrome" from Just to Feel Anything (2012)

Oops. I'm, uh, not too sure about that. Editions Mego calls it "a fast-paced excursion into new territory for the band."

Might have to wait on this one to see how much new territory will be covered, and/or how good that might sound. Or whether I'll have to wrap my mind around yet another band moving on from where I liked them...

Emeralds live at ATP, Pier 36, NYC, 9/22/2012

There I was, about to hit "Publish"... when I noticed that Emeralds played All Tomorrow's Parties in New York just last month. BAM! The other couple of videos are longer and closer: here & there.

Also, read this & download that.

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