Friday, October 26, 2012

BAN Concludes 777

So, good ol' French avant-Black Metal artists Blut Aus Nord (#1, Metal Next 10 of 2009) have wrapped up one trilogy & continued another.

The bigger news is probably 777: Cosmosophy (2012), the final chapter in the 777 series. (The previous two installments had combined for #4, 2011...)

Blut Aus Nord: 777 - Cosmosophy by Deciblog

Look, I found the full album streaming over here! And of course the new thing is to put entire album's up on YouTube...

This one definitely has the most clean, least-BM vocals I've heard from them - and probably as much of the electronic beats as any other. Although it might be the most "accessible" chapter, I've held my distance more than before. Kinda sounds like they might go into a new phase soon, and I'm unsure whether that would be to my liking (a sad refrain from me).

"Epitome XVI" from 777: Cosmosophy (2012)

The other one slipped past me, and I haven't yet found it with reasonable shipping. Back in July, What Once Was... Liber II was released - in a "fake leather rigid gatefold cover with gold hot foil print." (Liber I was #16, 2010.) Of course, I can't find any streaming of it - we'll have to see if it's good enough for the year-end lists.

So instead I will leave you with what appears to be the BAN song with the highest view count on YouTube:

"Procession of the Dead Clowns" from The Work Which Transforms God (2003)

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