Thursday, May 10, 2012

Upcoming Studies

News via Café Kaput... Ghost Box heroes mutual-covers split-7". Study Series 08, coming June 15th!

Ghost Box Study Series 08
Previous Study Series entries have been my #9 of 2010 and then #19 of 2011. But this will be the heaviest-hitting pair-up so far - featuring the label co-heads' acts covering tunes from one another.

Here are some preview samples:

Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle - Study Series 08 by Ghost Box

I think the appropriate embeddements should be quite obvious: the originals!

"Now Ends The Beginning" by The Advisory Circle, from As the Crow Flies (2011)

That's pretty nice (including the video). I need to order up some recent Ghost Box, hopefully before mid-June.

"Wildspot" by Belbury Poly, from The Willows (2004)

Love that album: #4, 2004! That's the opening track...

No official announcement yet on the new Study Series(es) at either the Ghost Box site or their online shoppe. So it might be two discs again this time.

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