Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Somethings Free or Cheaply

Haven't done a Free Music post in awhile, so in the spirit of the season... my gift to you!

"Botanomancer (Sap Cave of the Magi)" from Snailface (2009)

Not sure how I went without ever posting my #18 Metal record of 2009, Snailface's self-titled debut. Well, it's a side project of Kowloon Walled City, a band I still haven't listened to. It's dope-y doom metal, and really good for a 6-day record-making challenge. GO HERE for the free music!

Machinarium Original Soundtrack (2009)

Next up is a free bonus EP of songs from the awesome independent videogame puzzler, Machinarium. Along with a special deal on offer! You can get the game, a second Samorost 2, the .MP3 soundtracks for both, and some other - all for $10!! Until Christmas... Try before you buy: Machinarium demo, Samorost 2 demo. And the FREE BONUS EP of Eastern European ambient electronics!

"Beautiful World" from Ballin' Outrageous (2009)

Finally, in the meta-list of lists, I mentioned Artrocker's ambitious Top 100. It ended up that their #1 album of 2009 was Ballin' Outrageous by the Zookeepers... Uh. I haven't really given it a chance, but kind of seems like Animal Collective mixed with brokeNCYDE. You can buy it or GET IT FREE HERE.

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