Monday, November 2, 2009


Doin' more video research, finding more good music channels! unARTigNYC seems to be just a gang of people distributing great live music videos. (If it's just one, that's staggering.) Their entire collection on YouTube is super-impressive: 758 videos now, more added very regularly. Apparently, their Vimeo collection is in higher quality, occasionally with longer videos.

So many to choose from, so I just picked the 10 that jumped out as being the most Astral...

#1 "Silk Rd." by Grails (with Silver Apples), live 11/22/2008,
at The Knitting Factory (NYC)

Also at The Knitting Factory, 11/6/2006 (without Silver Apples). And 11/14/2007 at Club Europa (Brooklyn). Three pretty different versions, but I'm betting they played other songs at each show...

#2 "Ahrimanic Trance" by Wolves in the Throne Room,
live 5/22/2009, at Club Europa (Brooklyn)

Longer, higher quality version at Vimeo...

#3 "Poison Fingers" by Into Another, live 2/23/1996,
at Forellenhof (Salzgitter, Germany)

#4 "Black Oni I" and "II" by Guapo, live 6/23/2006,
at the Syrup Room (NYC)

#5 "My Girls" by Animal Collective, live 6/1/2007,
at South Street Seaport - Pier 17 (NYC)

#6 "Message" by Boris, live 9/7/2008,
at South Street Seaport - Pier 17 (NYC)

And another one from the same show. Bassist's mic is way low...

#7 "Get the Wow" by Shonen Knife, live 4/8/1993,
at Bad (Hannover, Germany).

#8 "Molec Codices" by Krallice, live 9/13/2008,
at 979 Broadway (Brooklyn).

#9 "Sailin' On" (Bad Brains) by Valient Thorr,
live 2/6/2009, at The Shank (NYC).

#10 "???" by Woods, live 1/30/2009, at The 1896 (NYC).

Plus, a bonus Houston band!! Muhammadali, live 7/4/2009,
at the Lit Fuse Bike Shop!

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