Friday, November 27, 2009

Psychedelic Ills of the Mirrored Eye

In looking around for something else, I found the video below. First I'm hearing of it, so I went looking for more info as it droned in the background. And I found Pitchfork's 1.4 review. Sweet!

Just for comparison, I'm putting something from each of the bands cited as doing music like this "right."

"Mantis" by Psychic Ills from Mirror Eye (2009)

"Tuesday Rollers And Strollers" by White Rainbow
from New Clouds (2009) [part 2]

"Fuck It" by Valet from Naked Acid (2008)

And while looking for those videos ("valet" isn't the perfect search), I found several for Brainwashed's The Eye. To browse them directly on YouTube, enter "Eye" in the Search Uploads box and click the button: here. They have shows on various weirdo music acts, not all on YouTube...

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