Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Best Cover Song #621: Sheshookme!

The news that pretty much the entire Pain Teens discography was available over at iTunes came as quite a shock! But not nearly as much as when I was listening to Born in Blood (1990) for the first time. The raucous rock crunch and industrial grind gave way to a woozy, dreamy... David Bowie cover?

The Man Who Sold The World (1972) had been the first real Bowie album I got into, and still finds a solid place in my listening rotation. It was really impressive that the Pain Teens went not only against their own indentifiable sound, but against that of the original which was bombastically rockin' out. Plus, it was The Pain Teens covering David Bowie!! And not some cheesy or ironic cover of "Changes" or "Rebel Rebel," a really awesomely original version of an obscure but favorite pre-glam album cut. Wow.

I'd still say Born in Blood is the tops for Pain Teens albums, although other records definitely have their peaks. Unfortunately, it looks like "She Shook Me" isn't among the iTunes. But I'm going to start supplementing my cassette and vinyl collection right off.

Where to begin though?!?! I remember Stimulation Festival (1992) being real quality, but the two-part Collective Unconscious, Mythology, & You (1989) is almost too intriguing...

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