Thursday, November 12, 2009

Three Who Would Shimmy-Disc

Almost the weekend, so a quick 3 from the great Shimmy Disc label of the '80s, '90s and maybe beyond... Bongwater was label-founder Kramer's main band, which grew out of Shockabilly's dissolution. They replaced Eugene Chadbourne with Dave Rick on guitar and Ann Magnuson for most vocals. She sang, but also talked a lot... Like pretty much all King Missile, who were influential on the spoken-word performance-art thing that kind of happened in the '90s. And finally, one of my favorites from one of my favorites, Ween's second (and last independent label) album: The Pod.

"Lesbians of Russia", "Jimmy"
Bongwater (NYC)
Double Bummer (1988)
Also available: "You Don't Love Me Yet", "Psychedelic Sewing Room"

"Jesus Was Way Cool"
King Missile (NYC)
Mystical Shit (1990)
Also available: "Martin Scorsese"

"Demon Sweat"
Ween (New Hope, PA)
The Pod (1991)
Also available: "Mononucleosis" and The Pod

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