Thursday, November 5, 2009

Free-ish Casual Gameplay

Lots of credit to the Ruthless Forum's Nerd Pen. Unless otherwise noted, these are played directly online - just follow the links and let the games load up.

1. Machinarium, from Amanita Design
Free playable demo of an amazing-looking adventure-puzzler that's probably worth buying (maybe both the full-game version and the soundtrack).

2. Small Worlds, from Armor Games
Completely unique and spellbinding experience, really worth checking out! From Casual Gameplay Design Competition 6...

3. Icycle, from Damp Gnat
Nudely pedal yer rusty bicycle through a beautiful winter wasteland.

4. Spelunky, by Derek Yu
This one involves [free] downloading the program. Microsoft has bought it for Xbox36o!! And no wonder, it's like Lode Runner xMega! Even has a level editor...

5. Blush, from Flash Bang Studios
Requires installing Unity Web Player. Deep-ocean tentacular action and ambience, like playing the alien in James Cameron's The Abyss!

Minotaur China Shop
6. Minotaur in a China Shop, from Flash Bang Studios
Requires installing Unity Web Player... Sounded hilarious. Is about 70 times as funny as it sounded!

7. Miami Shark, on Newgrounds
Don't forget to bite, and do the super-jump!

8. Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar,
at Kongregate
What if Zaxxon involved hand-drawn cyborg dinosaurs in flying battle suits, and all which that entails?

9. Hell Is Other People, by some guy named George
Like the pre-taped call-in show. You're recorded fighting against recordings of previous players, the recording of which future players will fight against.

And of course...

Kingdom of Loathing
10. Kingdom of Loathing!!
Had to get at least one RPG in here. Six character classes, including the Disco Bandit and Pastamancer. Quest for booze, accumulate meat, correct others' grammar, visit Hobopolis the underground city of hobos! It's quite good fun, and you only need to set up an ID and password (with e-mail address).

O yeah, in the previous video games post, I had linked to this for the old-schoolers.

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