Sunday, November 1, 2009

Three Who Would Industrialize
the Grim Forests of Black Metal

Can't believe I forgot to mention (in both the Indricothere and Bogus Blimp posts) the trend of putting modern digital technology to the work of the usually Luddite black metal. A bit disconcerting to have synthesized industrial electronics right there in a genre that typically yearns for pre-Christian woodlands tribal life and barely embraces indoor recording. And as Black Metal will forever warn, dabblin in these new-fangled ideas will surely tempt you away from Odin the One-Eye.

Atilla Csihar
Aborym had Atilla Csihar singing, which puts them in league with about half of all Black Metal bands. They're pretty experimental, and go the complete opposite way from the old back-to-the-roots (of trees) schtick into hard sci-fi themes. Blut Aus Nord is epic, and like a lot of bands want to be dissociated from the Black Metal tag. Too bad. Like Wolves in the Throne Room, their beef with modernity is less theological than lifestyle-spiritual-environmental. But WITTR would never use synthesizers!! Finally, just to show how far you can go and still be accepted by the community... Ulver. Uhhh, they're on the same label as Bogus Blimp, and even further away from their BM roots. Ambient? Prog? Art? Smooth? "Varesian?" Yeah, when you're being compared to Edgard Varese, you've exited the Black Metal building.

"With No Human Intervention"
Aborym (Norway/Italy)
With No Human Intervention (2003)
Also available: "Faustian Spirit of the Earth"

"Our Blessed Frozen Cells"
Blut Aus Nord (France)
The Work Which Transforms God (2003)
Also available: "Meditant (Dialogue with the Stars)"

"It Is Not Sound"
Ulver (Norway)
Blood Inside (2005)
Also available: "All The Love/Like Music"

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