Monday, May 28, 2012

Apes of the Sea of the Dead of the Bandcamp

I'm absolutely gutted to have forgotten to post this in time. It's the Dead Sea Apes - on Bandcamp, with a blog, and on compilations!

"Rückstoß Gondoliere" [edit] from Head Music (2012)

I'd intended to post before the mid-April release of this Krautrock covers comp from Fruits de Mer Records, on which DSA handle a proto-Kraftwerk tune. Per the blog, Head Music "is sold out and going for moderately silly prices on eBay, but ... it’s on the CD included with the new issue of Prog magazine."

They also did a Skip Spence cover too, for a different FdM compilation.

Dead Sea Apes will have the honor of opening for Agitation Free at Manchester, UK in November... Wow! Agitation Free!! Love that band, maybe they'll come to America one day.

"Pharmakon" from LUPUS (2012)

And DSA have got their own thing too, out earlier this year from Deep Water Acres - and this one's still available (also from Bandcamp). You can also preview some it on the SoundCloud.

"Astral House" [demo] from 2011

How could I not include Astral House EP (2012)? Now available on CD since my original draft! [Ltd. ed. of 100 copies.]

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