Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Veil of Ritual

Found this when checking about the Portable Shrines Magic Sound Theatre, Vol. 1 comp (2011), mentioned in the recent Night Beats post. Midday Veil isn't playing the Austin Psych Fest (that I know of), but anyway...

"Moon Temple" from Subterranean Ritual II (2011)

One long drone-out, from this 2-tracker cassette:

You can actually download both of these tunes from the comp label's SoundCloud: Side A / Side B. Apparent follow-up to the original Subterranean Ritual (2009).

And also something a bit more to-the-point...

"Asymptote II" from Eyes All Around (2010)

Pretty tripped-up vid there! Plus another official one for "Anthem" off the same release - and here's something live!

Midday Veil
Check out the band's website, with a link to a Ptolemaic Terrascope page with review of Eyes All Around (2010) - couple of free tunes over at Bandcamp.

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