Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Red Buddha of Bandcamp

Check out Red Plastic Buddha over at Bandcamp. Chicagoan retro-psych folk-pop, in the vein of The Pillbugs or The Asteroid #4 - with Electric Prunes coverage.

"Seahorse" from All Out Revolution (2011)

They're currently offering that album for Free Download! Stream a full preview, order a physical CD, almost anything is possible.

They also have a extra-Bandcamp official website. Although not paying Austin Psych Fest, Revolt of the Apes has featured them!

All Out Revolution
And even a Foxy Digitalis review (7/10) - nice job on getting the word out!

"Forget Me Not" from Sunflower Sessions (2007)

I'm still chewing on the new one, but they also have their debut album for sale as well.

O yeah! and here's the RPB appearance on Chic-a-go-go, Chicagoland's best cable-access music show... that I'm aware of. The episode originally aired on 08/26/2008, according to this show archive.

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