Wednesday, April 4, 2012

UFO Club Surveillance Camera

The UFO Club... probably named after some psychedelic club, in the '60s, maybe London? I dunno, the place Syd Barrett & The Pink Floyd jammed it up. Yeah.

"Chapel in my Mind" from the Night Beats split-10" (2011)

The band includes key members of both The Black Angels and Night Beats, so no doubt they're playing Austin Psych Fest.

"Hex" from the Night Beats split-10" (2011)

The Night Beats split-10" comes to you from The Reverberation Appreciation Society label - also Black Angels and Austin Psych-related. Family style!

"The Wolfman" from the Night Beats split-10" (2011)

I was a teenage wooly-bully freak-out. Hey, they even do a Ronettes cover!

Night Beats split
You know I gotta keep linking to Revolt of the Apes, right?

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