Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sleestak Invade Bandcamp

Get ready to rock out to the Milwaukee psychedelic doom of Sleestak! They didn't just name their band after the Land of the Lost resident badasses, the entire theme of songs and albums revolves around Altrusia (ancient worldname of the sarisa-taka).

Skylon Express
Go immediately to their Bandcamp collection (for Name-Your-Price action), and/or visit their official website. Here's some examples:

"The Fall of Altrusia (live)" [edit] from Altrusian Moon: A Lo​-​Fi Collection of Psychedelia and Space Rock (2012)

Or check out the official full video instead... (I didn't like the way it embedded.) Download the live track, via Trippy Jam blog - or just get the whole collection from Bandcamp.

The Fall of Altrusia
If song titles like "Library of Skulls" or "Pakuni Shaman Chant of the Altrusian Moth" don't mean anything to you, it might be time to revisit LOTL TOS. Holds up pretty well!

"Enik's Lament" from Skylon Express (2010)

Everyone knows Enik though, right? Beige carapace, ruby eyes, so well-spoken? He understood the pylons, he knew the secrets of The Lost City. He knew...

The cycle is now complete.

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