Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Austin Power Plant

The Golden Dawn were 1960s International Artists labelmates and fellow Austinites with The 13th Floor Elevators - in the original Psychedelic Era.

"My Time" from Power Plant (1968)

The lead singer came by his 13th-reverberating vocals as honestly as you can. He was apparently high school friends with Roky.

"Every Day" from Power Plant (1968)

They will be playing their 1968 record at Austin Psych Fest at the end of this month. Here's a British I.A. revival website's album page.

"Evolution" from Power Plant (1968)

Whoa... Those chimes!!

"This Way Please" from Power Plant (1968)

George Kinney and the New Riders of The Golden Dawn have a follow-up album over on Bandcamp: Texas Medicine (2006).

You can also stream Power Plant, which obviously features one of the most fried-out album covers in an era particularly known for them...

The Golden Dawn

"Starvation" from Power Plant (1968)

I'm pretty sure that was their main regional hit - to such an extent that any of them were.

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