Monday, April 2, 2012

Baby Jesus... Acid Baby Jesus.

Greece... Athens, Greece.

"It’s on Me" from Hospitals EP (2011)

You can check out the 7" EP on Bandcamp. The title track was featured as a free download on Altered Zones, from a 2010 self-titled cassette.

"I’m A Baby" from LP (2011)

Both of those tracks are featured on the 10/18/2011 ABJ set from Live At Shea Stadium (BK).

"Tomboy" from LP (2011)

That LP is also available for stream or purchase from the Slovenly Bandcamp.

Acid Baby Jesus
Here's a Revolt of the Apes post. Recently, I realized that all these Austin Psych Fest bands had been featured over there - it was eerie. So I checked the "About" section at the site:
This site was originally created to spread the word of Austin Psych Fest 2010. It has since continued with content directly related to the bands and artists involved, content tangentially related to the bands and artists involved, and content not at all related to the bands and artists involved...

Our relationship with Austin Psych Fest is strictly unofficial and largely platonic. Our headquarters are not in Austin, or even Texas, but a small town in central Virginia.

It's all so clear now!!

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