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Up In Flames - Manitoba/Caribou (#1, 2003)

All references to Manitoba are explained by this ridiculous lawsuit and the resulting name change. The next couple of Caribou albums (#4, 2007 and the Krauty one) were good & quite different music.

I saw Manitoba on this tour, with many of these videos projected behind the live band. I remember it being great, but I remain frustrated that I cannot remember who the headliner was. I believe all of the official videos are contained on the Marino DVD+EP release (2005).

Also in general, Manitoba/Caribou is/was one individual guy (except live): Ontarian of Canadia Dan Snaith.

"I've Lived on a Dirt Road All My Life" from Up In Flames (2003)

Analogous to a lot of '60s pop, especially Brian Wilson (Teenage Symphonies to God & palette) and Phil Spector (Wall of Sound & drumbreaks). Even the pastoral interludes that would have been experimental nature field recordings way-back-when, but are handled electronically here.

Inserting relevant YouTube comments. I'm gonna skip the endless arguments about the acceptability of applying the Caribou name to these songs... in YouTube comments!

such a great song--and the video makes it look like they are tripping in the 80s?? its boring -otacon451

"Skunks" from Up In Flames (2003)

The first of a few song titles that are animalses. Later there will come "Bees" and "Hammerheads." Splashy cymbals and freak-out saxophone, maybe a bit o' theremin.

PRETTY sure this song is sampling a Bubble Puppy song. ''A gathering of promises'' -AlabamaManWhore

"Hendrix with KO" from Up In Flames (2003)

Bah bah bah... I think I might have had an album by this Koushik guest star - but I don’t remember connecting him with Manitoba.


"Jacknuggeted" from Up In Flames (2003)

The song title makes me think of drugs. I can't tell what the whispered vocals remind me of. Something else.

The insturmental chorus sounds like love feels; beautiful synthesesia:) -dvdgrwtz

Then comes brief interlude "Why the Long Face?"

"Bijoux" from Up In Flames (2003)

It's got kind of a marchy martial feel, and with more blaring (but melodic) sax, I'm thinking of Albert Ayler. Well, except for the electro-tinkling breaks. "Bijoux" and other similar nonsense words also get recycled later on.

alucinante! -etnopinkfloyd

"Twins" from Up In Flames (2003)

I don't think I'd noticed that this song is so short. The power of strum.

Dan Snaith is my god. -drearyleary
These guys are incredible. -MightyDragon
terrible -400millionbillion

Here's a pretty cool unofficial fan-video for "Kid You'll Move Mountains." (no comments)

"Crayon" from Up In Flames (2003)

That's a toy piano, right? That's pretty '60s, right? Yeah, the Koushik album I have is Out My Window (2008).

really? to me it was instant but then again i'm more musically evolved then you..... everybody has always said that about us -Humanshieldchorus00

"Every Time She Turns Round It's Her Birthday" from Up In Flames (2003)

And this ties it all together and brings us home. I think the whispering vocals also reminds me of Mercury Rev - Dingus Donahue's, not David Baker's.

I don't wanna kick off any further legal proceedings, but this one could be included in some sound-a-like song-pairs internet listicle - right beside one of my favorite indie-noise-pop hits. Hmmm....

I'm glad I didn't take that LSD before watching this. -BigPapaSmurfy

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