Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Word On My Lips Is Your Name -
Tape Loop Orchestra (#10, 2012)

Sleepy, sleepy loops of narcotic dreams.

Excerpt from "The Word On My Lips Is Your Name" (2012)

Since there's not much of it floating around, I can only offer this promotional excerpt of the A-side title track. Looks to be some still available at this place. Not bad... 2xCD for £8-- unsure how legit, but looks okay.

I've already got a subsequent previous album vinyl re-release, and I've been digging that too.

The guy in TLO is part of The Boats. I'm just gonna say "England," because I lost interest before I uncovered more relevant details. (This time. Looking below, I do see Burnley, Manchester. Fine.)

The Killer In The Rain (2012), by Tape Loop Orchestra

Looks like TLO also released a '3" CDr limited to 100 copies' last year: The Killer In The Rain. I'd never even heard of it, but that's the whole thing up there. Better than nothing, I guess - which is what's streaming online of TWOMLIYN B-side "The Burnley Brass Band Plays On In My Heart." And I like that piece a bunch.

Genre - Classico-Ambient Tape-Loop Music
Official/tumblr -
Location - Burnley, Manchester, UK

Review - Fluid-Radio
Download/Purchase - Ltd. to 400 copies...
Maybe try here.

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