Monday, May 6, 2013

Record Store Day 2013: The Apocalypse

I've done RSD round-ups last year and in 2010. Might as well do some catching up on recent events before rollin' on...

First up: an old-school reproduction of the Pink Floyd "See Emily Play" single...

"See Emily Play" by Pink Floyd, from 1967 single

With "The Scarecrow" as the b-side. I used to love my Relics (1971) cassette when I was a young man. Who doesn't like the Syd Floyd? Probably plenty of people, I suppose... GEAR!

"Kings of Speed" by Hawkwind, from 1975 single

Another reproduction - the a-side with lyrics by Michael Moorcock. The b-side is "Motorhead," from Lemmy before he left Hawkwind to form his new band, named after this tune.

"Amusement" by Hüsker Dü, from 1981 single

This one's kind of a repro-plus... "Amusement" / "Statues" was the first thing out by Hüsker Dü, but this is a 2x7" with bonus early outtakes, like the punky "Writer's Cramp" and classic "Let's Go Die." The post-hardcore power-pop Hüsker was one of my top faves in high school, but the pre-hardcore post-punk Hüsker was also quite intriguing (though very short-lived). Ahhh, just check out the whole thing together.

Yeah, we're still only on the 7"s - uhhh, also got the Cheech & Chong "Earache My Eye" single!

"No Fun" by The Black Keys, from Side-by-Side single

Continuing RSD series from Warner Bros. of an original classic & someone new covering the same song. This one is originally a Stooges tune, obviously from their debut (#4, 1969).

There was also a Mystery 7", which was Side-by-Side-by-Side. The Grateful Dead doing possibly this version of "Aiko Aiko" (as the kids used to spell it). On the b-side, Dr. John breaks it down with his own style of "Iko Iko" - which was way-back-when a Dixie Cups song (also on the 7").

"Drive-In Saturday" by David Bowie, from Aladdin Sane (1973)

Yep, got some Bowie. A "Drive-In Saturday" picture-disc 7", and also something from the new record: "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" b/w "Where Are We Now?" (double official videos!).

Also, "Mine Mine Mind" & "Bloody Hammer" from the legend, Roky Erickson!! A double dose from The Evil One (1980)... and that's about all for the 7"s.

"Azamane Tiliade" by Bombino, from Nomad (2013)

I did get a 10" of that song, from the great new album by Bombino (another Psych Fest alum), with the non-album b-side "Si Chilan."

"Food for Clouds" by Brian Jonestown Massacre, from RSD-EP

Another Psych Fester(s), The BJTM with 3 new ones via 12" transmission. It begins with "Fist Full of Bees," and the b-side is "Everything Fades to White."

"Promised Land" by Grateful Dead, from Rare Cuts & Oddities 1966 (2013)

In addition to the Mystery 7", the Dead dropped a 2xLP of primordial jams from the golden year of '66. By the way, that's a Chuck Berry cover - and apparently the only known recording of Garcia singing it. (Bobby Weir sang it through almost the entire history of the band.)

Steve Moore Theme From Horror Business by DeathWaltzRecs

Death Waltz Records had a few nice things out. Got the Steve Moore "Horror Business" 12" EP-single-whatever. Check out this link for the entire soundtrack. They had another 12" from Antoni Maiovvi like this. And some TV themesong 7"s, of which I only saw one: with "Star Trek" / "Lost In Space."

"One More Night" by Stephen Malmus, from Ege Bamyasi cover

How could I forget? SM with a full-album cover of Can's Ege Bamyasi (#4, 1972)! Here's live video of "Pinch/Soup" as well. Okay, and also audio-only "Vitamin C."

"Run To Your Mama" by Goat, remixed by Tom Furse & Teeth Of The Sea, from Run To Your Mama Remixes: Volume 1, Side B (2013)

Got Volume 1 (side A) at old reliable Sound Exchange on RSD. And finally got Volume 2 at the Goat merch table at Austin Psych Fest!

"Jacknuggeted" by Caribou, from Up in Flames (2003)

And finally, Sound Exchange also had a late addition: ltd-ed (600), color-vinyl pressings of the first three Caribou albums - of which I got the last two: Up in Flames (#1, 2003, "red-flamed") and The Milk of Human Kindness (2005, orange). So that was a nice surprise - and well worth owning on wax.

Black vinyl editions out today, and all of them include a CD as well. Guess I need to start tracking down all of those exclusive non-album b-sides sometime.

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