Monday, December 9, 2013

Unknown Psych Festives Explored

Well, we've taken a couple of looks at announced line-up for the 2014 Austin Psych Fest: first the top-billed, and then more of the known quantities. So now, I'm going to try to explore some of the complete unknowns - probably not covering every band named for the fest.

"No. 1 Against The Rush" by Liars, from WIXIW (2012)

"Brooklyn dance-punk"... yeah. Supposedly, that doesn't say it all, but everything I heard was pretty in line with exactly that.

"From the Sun" by Unknown Mortal Orchestra, from II (2013)

What is this? I just... Okay, "So Good at Being in Trouble" is a bit closer, but these seem a bit odd choices for Psych Fest.

"Lamborghini Meltdown" by Tobacco (ft. Zackey Force Funk), from LA UTI (2010)

Hey, I know a little bit. The guy in Tobacco is also from Black Moth Super Rainbow, and has worked with Beck. Although I probably have more sympathy for this experimental maximalism electro-funk, these 'unknowns' are ranging pretty far afield from trad 'psychedelic' music.

"Nous Etions Deux" by La Femme, from Psycho Tropical Berlin (2013)

That's French tropicália coldwave, non?

"Rat House" by Shannon & The Clams, from Dreams in the Rat House (2013)

Garagey weirdos, with an electric jug? Bones Brigade as directed by John Waters? Okay, making more sense...

"Awa Adounia" by Terakaft, from Kel Tamasheq (2012)

Not what I was expecting from the band name. I'm down with this kinda stuff, although I do realize you could make an equally valid argument against its Psychfestivity as I would against, say, Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

"One" by Yamantaka//Sonic Titan, from Uzu (2013)

I'm a little confused. What does it mean to "pay tribute to the extended group's indigenous upbringing?" I'll check out some more of the music before delving into the upbringing of the extended group.

"Sonic Pearl" by Destruction Unit, from Two Strong Hits 7" (2013)

Stonery grungeness, or post-punk gothic?

"Shine Your Light" by Gap Dream, from Shine Your Light (2013)

Sparkly. Now that's exactly what I thought it would sound like, based only on the band name. What do I win?!

Looks like I might have the makings of 2nd 'unknowns' post. This one left me a little... unsatisfied. (Not that I've totally passed judgment anywhere just yet.)

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