Friday, December 13, 2013

More of Unknown Psychists

The annual official APF Al Lover mixtape will do a better job than me - but unfortunately, not yet downloadable. Whyyy???

Okay, let's 'finish' (?) the work started in previous 2014 Psych Fest Big Names, Stuff For Me, and Unknowns I posts. This shall be: Unknowns II... I'm sure I still haven't covered some.

"30 Past 7" by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, from Float Along - Fill Your Lungs (2013)

'Stralia! Well, in one post we've gone from unorthodox Psych Fest participants to perhaps a prototypical one. Nice selection scheme by me! Here's another official video: "Head On/Pill" and their Bandcamp-ish page.

"Lucifernandis " by Boogarins, from As Plantas Que Curam (2013)

I've generally liked the modern psych rock coming out of South America, and this sounds to me good & hippie. Here's another official video: "Despreocupar."

"These Days" by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, from On Welfare (2011)

Guadalajara, Mex. Just like Has A Shadow, but different music. Here's another official (?) video: "What's Holding You?" Little more rockin' one there... and their Bandcamp.

"No Place to Go" by The Oscillation, from From Tomorrow (2013)

I have a feeling I might be going to catch this band. Check out their YouTube channel for more official videos, going back a full 6 years! (TAFKA The Orichalc Phase). Waitasecond! I'd actually heard this one song before: "Saturn 5" (live). Here's their Bandcamp as well.

"Trouba" by Steve Gunn, from On A Steady Diet of Hash, Bread, and Salt compilation (2012)

That's from a free download comp of Greek folk covers. I've seen this guy's name around some, and would have associated it with free-/freak-folk - so far, so good! Bandcamp's are mostly from various labels: Paradise of Bachelors, Three Lobed Recordings, and 3-Lobed again.

"Lithonia " by Circuit des Yeux, from Overdue (2013)

Indiana, huh? I've lived there! Here's their Bandcamp. Like all Indiana bands, since I wrote that first sentence, they've now relocated to Chicago.

"Livin' Free" by The Young, from Dub Egg (2012)

Is this the right The Young? That's one ungoogleable band name. Here's another official video: "Dance with the Ramblers." Ah, just noticed they're from Austin, TX. Okay, cool.

"Redness Moon" by Fantasmes, from Redness Moon (2012)

Because of geography, I was going to guess Mexico (again), but they're from Puerto Rico. This does not make me racist! So... here's another official (?) video: "Play It Wrong," and their Bandcamp.

"Zo No Senaka" by Kikagaku Moyo, from Kikagaku Moyo (2013)

[***very NSFW Jodorowsky film video***]

Hey, I guessed Japan correctly!! Bandcamp!

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