Monday, December 2, 2013

C6H8O6 - Linus Pauling Quartet (#2, 2003)

This album has some of my top Linus Pauling Quartet tunes - like "Bongfire," for instance! The LP4 discography page has tons o' fun for you & your family. C6H8O6 kinda closes out the Pinnacle Period of Linus: ca. 1997-2004, and is arguably their best record... (let's argue.)

Sorry for all the links. This one isn't very well represented in the streaming world, especially now that the promotional efforts are over. But the songs play (now), and jam they do.

"Cole Porter" from The 26th Commandment: Thou Shalt Expand Your Mind (1999)

Not the C6H8O6 version, but a live one from an earlier Ptolemaic Terrascope compilation.

Next up comes just more gravy. Groovacious "Brain", with recent return to stage, and "Thorn," which was written by Mike Switzer? The same who gave his name and story to "Bongfire" - technically titled "Switzer" in reality. Disco page reminds me about solo(s) courtesy of John Cramer - of The Mike Gunn (#5, 1993) and Project Grimm (#4, 1996) fame. Bonus singing saw via Shaun Kelly from Exterminating Angels (#17 Metallic, 2009) and Rotten Piece.

Outlandish rocker "La Tapatia" was brought back to live in a terrifying McRibtual (#13 Live Show, 2011).

"Airplane (Live from The Vault/KFJC)" from Ashes in the Bong of God (2000)

Not the C6H8O6 version, but a live bonus track from the Euro-vinyl release of an earlier Linus record. Hypno-Drone from the Dream-Dome. By the way, those last two videos & the tragically deleted "Bongfire" one were all made by Shaun Kelly of the singing saw.

To up the rock ante, Linus continues on with the two-fer blast of "Drunkest Man" and then "Cannonball." Man, I’ve seen a lot of these songs live recently - like, both of those.

"Hall of Mirrors" from C6H8O6 (2003)

Kraftwerk cover! Who woulda believed it?! I'll take a shot of that one live please.

O yeah, and the title? Vitamin C.


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