Friday, May 10, 2013

Live Teeth

I'm not sure if this will work. If not, go here here (via Rocket)... or straight to Roadburn, who has some other streams.

Anyway, that's supposed to be a 1-hour audio stream of Teeth of the Sea (#10 of 2010, #9 of 2009) playing live at Roadburn 2013!

Since that embed is not appearing in my draft preview, maybe some YouTubes?

"Swear Blind the Alsatian's Melting" - live at Roadburn, 4/20/2013


"The Reaper" - live at Roadburn, 4/20/2013

That's something all new & different - apparently from the forthcoming album later this summer. Give it a chance, swirl it around in yer skull, set the controls...

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